Bacci the R&B king on the rise

Lubasi S katundu professionally known as Bacci. For those that don’t know who bacci is he is a Zambian R&B singer whose been making music on a professional level since 2014 and I believe is on the road to greatness.

What bacci brings to us is a calming soulful R&B sound while making trap/soul music and makes it seem like he doesn’t have to try.


Love drunk EP

Love drunk ep is his most recent tape, and from this EP you get to appreciate the skills this man has; From his selection of beats to the way the he sings on them is amazing. Apart from that I would like to give him a big well done on the artists he decided to throw on the features making them give there flows on the same level of calmness and make it blend in with his singing.

A brilliant artist is what I can call this guy just from the little I’ve heard from him.

If y’all think I’m talking trash follow him up and listen to what he has to offer , He keeps his SoundCloud up and posting singles and tapes.

And the type of music being made is something different and something we haven’t heard in a Zambian singer at all so look him up, follow and enjoy some good music .

SoundCloud @Bacci_Music.

Peace and love from Mr ugly 🙏

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Welcome to music with Mr ugly .

Mr ugly is the name and welcome to my very first blog post.

So “I” Mr ugly will be here blogging or talking about music that we have around us that I feel should be given a little more credit than it gets, That’s music coming from upcoming artists, underground artists “if that stuff still exists” to the biggest artists we have in the country .

What my blog is about is being the voice for the underrated and unknown people releasing music and if the music is good enough will talk about it here and ask everyone else for there thoughts.

Yeah that’s all we had for you today folks though I’ll get with the blogging real soon but for now peace and love y’all ❤✌